Summer Reading Program

Robot boy in chairEach summer, the San Luis Obispo County Library’s Summer Reading Program helps thousands of our children read a dozen or more books.  Each year more than 5,000 children take part in the program and read more than 33,000 books.  In 2012 the Summer Reading Program was expanded to include mothers reading books to children who have not yet learned to read.

Girl and dinoEvery young person who completes the program is given a reading reward book from the library.  Imagine the delight of a child who receives his or her own book.  For some, it is the first book they can call their own:  “You mean I get to keep it?”   Since 2000, the Library Foundation has been providing funds each year for the libraries to purchase the reading reward books.

It has been shown that children need constant reminders to celebrate and recognize their literary accomplishments.  Getting them hooked early in their lives will turn them into lifelong readers.

To learn more about funding opportunities for the Summer Reading Program, please call:805.546.1392 or e-mail



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